Technical Features

Bandit Lock

Collapse the scooter by simply pushing the metal lever. The quick release skewer locks the steering bar securely.

Pump Lock

Shift the metal tube to collapse the scooter. This self-locking mechanism is simple, fast and secure.

Push & Pull Lock

The name says it all. Push the button to release the locking mechanism and pull the steering bar to unfold the scooter. Super easy and secure self-locking mechanism.

Flex Deck

The laminated maple wood has some flex giving you some energy boost when you cruise and carve.

Low Rider Deck

A lower center of gravity provides more control and is easier to handle. Young kids can easy push scooter featuring big wheels if the deck is lower to the ground.

Roll & Carve

Fix the steering of the front wheels when kids learn to ride the scooter. Release the locking to allow kids to carve with the scooter, when they have a good balance.

Adjustable Spring Suspension

Adjust the suspension of your scooter to become more fl exible or harder by simply tightening or releasing the screw of the spring.