The new megatrend from the UK – Mini BMX for big and small! The DWARF Mini BMX by WORX is an absolutely funbike, which is perfectly made for tricks on flatland, on streets or in the skate park. The DWARF Mini BMX can be controlled well thanks to the low frame construction and the super wide 10” tires. The rigid frame, handlebars, cranck and the patented hub of the FAT FELIX are made of high end chrome steel. Tricks and Jumps are easy to master due to the low weight of the bike. Pegs for slides are available in all good mini BMX shops.


FRAME:Small, rigid, 20″

HANDLEBAR:Large Pro, handle: OPC-type, colored

TIRE & TUBE:6-layer, 10″


HUB:2 cone – angular contact bearing with CNC axle



FORK:Threadless Ahead

STEM:Pro, with adjustment scale made of aluminium

CHAINRING:28 teeth made of steel

SADDLE:2 piece, adjustable, PVC coated with logo

PEDAL:Pro-pedal, 1/2″, colored


HEADSET:10 piece NECO Ahead threaded, Made in Taiwan

RIMS:Steel, dual colored

CRANCK:OPC-type, cold forged

PINION:12 teeth, free hub

PACKAGING:90% assembled

The DWARF Mini BMX is a funbike, which is not equipped with a brake. The Mini BMX bike should not be used in traffic. Brake sets are available for aftermarket sales. The bike will be delivered 90% assembled. Check all connection parts like screws and bolts carefully and tighten them well. The following tools will be needed for assembly: 5mm and 6mm hex key as well as 15mm, 17mm and 19mm ring spanner / spanner. To inflate the tires a pneumatic pump featuing a Schrader valve is needed. Due to the rim / tire construction without spokes the tire could “wobble”, which can not be avoided.